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Thank you for the fruit from the orchard Buttercup

Your DIVA liked how you brought in the fruit from the orchard.  It made her smiling, happy glad.  It tastes so good, juice ran down her red lips stained her short shorts.  A nice present deserves leisure time in front of the TV. DIVA peaked into the room smiling at your shorts.  A big, fat smile on DIVAS face, she saw those tiny nuts looking at her.....  he he he!.  She pointed her finger laughing laughing and more laughing WAY loud. DIVA'S lady friends like to come over to the house and make fun your wiener nuts. The ladies make you stand and serve all of us like a little gentlemen/maid servant.  One thick, legged dancer lady friend likes to pull OFF your shorts and HOLD YOU DOWN to the ground.  She does it when whenever she likes.  DIVA LIKES THAT!  She talks how small dem nuts are, you'll never be a man.  DIVA knows it shames you.  You want to run away.  We chase you out to the backyard all laughing as you bend over to cover them.  You do not want to get pinched over and over.  But the ladies hold you down pinching over and over till you CRY.  Now for the hose like a enema.  We're hysterical in the backyard with your pathetic nuts.  You're not allowed to wear your shorts in the house for days.  Get to the kitchen and clean up.  You pout and run out the door. DIVA run after you with fingers held high to pinch. OUCH-IE!!!  Back into the bathroom, next to the window, it's red enema bag time. DIVA makes you fill it with ivory soap and warm water.  The fun begins when DIVA sees your face grip as the enema water blasts out.  SO hilarious to see you lose control on the potty chair.  Buttercup will learn not to run away and put a happy smile on his face when he does his chores.  If not, it's time for DIVA to show BUTTERCUP how DIVA roasts nuts in the backyard.


Tags: zoe zane fetish diva diamond red enema b

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