zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

What men say to me day in and day out

1.  You and I go to a beauty salon, get me trimmed/waxed down there. You come along with me to the waxing room, get me undresses and explain to the lady how and where to wax/trim me.  During the process, I get hard, you play with my thing. You lightly dominant with your lady friend.

2. I'm Donnie and I need to be your baby.  Will you be my Mommie Mistress and feed me a bottle?

3.  I'm interested in hypnosis (i.e., being hypnotized) you put me in a trance and control me!

4.   I've always been an admirer of mature women as well as being in need of a take charge lady. I love your sexy attire and taste in heels and lingerie!

5.  I want you to wear a black PVC bodysuit and strapon smoking a cig with vampire teeth.

6.  I can not call you.  'm in France BUT jerking me dick ALL for you.

7.  I am lost and still looking for you.

8.  It makes me furious you don't speak Spanish.

9.  Giantess Fantasy:  How about you are going to do laundry, you notice some tiny little specs almost invisible to naked eye in your panties. You wonder what is in your panties, if its tiny little bugs or something  You grab a magnifying glass, to your amazement you see a tiny little civilization in your panties! They have messed with the wrong giant goddess! You tell them you are their new queen they better do as you say. To start you tell them you will play a game of simon says, but instead of simon says it's goddess zoe says. For example goddess zoe says jump up and down worship your giant queen....or goddess zoe says bow down and lick my panties clean...whatever else.  IF you catch them make mistake they get punished with some gianess farts or you even rub your panties up and down your giant ass crack to punish them.
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