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zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

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what men say to me day in and day out

1.   I'm house sitting in SJ, Miss Zoe.  I drove myself in, to house sit.  He has a long distant number. I ask, tell me major cross streets or freeway exits.   He doesn't know the major streets/etc.  Oh, someone drove me to the house.  LOL.  He's not in SJ.  His name, I don't know where I'm at.

2.   My wife and I have done this before.  My number is restricted, someone in the house overheard past phone conversations.  I want you to give my wife a nice massage and RAPE her  ------- I said, excuse me, Mr. Bull Shit.  Is there a full moon approaching?  Yes, there is Miss Zoe.

3.   We talked last summer, I was having my car fixed at dealership on steven's creek, not able to meet up.  My car is back in for repairs and still can not meet up.  I will call when it's fixed.  His BMW does not want to see me.

4. Hello Miss, I came across your listing, would like to see if you're willing and able to handle my session. Would like to be sensually dominated in lingerie, I will provide. I'd like the session to include mutual tongue jamming, you make me into your water closet boy. I'm open to ideas, I'm not into pain. I'd like to tell you dirty stories in person, shock your delicate ears. Please let me know if you can handle my request. Thank you.

5. Thanks for getting back to me. I was wondering if there are any websites showing you pee on your neighbor's bush?

6.   Hey Zoe, I want to smoother my face in black thongs you wore for 14 days straight. By Boost Mobile
7.   Hello, CM is younger like 23, ok to make a date, see you, i have mature woman fantasy that i would like to fulfill.
cmore butts
Tags: zoe zane
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