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iFriends.com - My Weekly Live Cam Show - Free 4 U Bitch - Kitty Foxx Porn

I've been on IFriends.com since 1996 as "kisszoezane" www zoezane.com.  Kitty Foxx was on iFriends.com with me, same time frame.  We bounced cam viewers back and forth.  Cam viewers jerked off to our Aged to Perfection porn movies.  They already knew we loved to have sex with younger men.  It was wild.  Kitty Foxx and I talked in person, how we would tag team younger men in live cam shows/Las Vegas movies/Las Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club.  We did several free for all gang bangs together.  One time we did 40 guys in the orgy room.  Some of the guys in Aged to Perfection porn videos saw us on iFriends.com/private cam shows.  Kitty Foxx and I were crazy older women for sex with younger guys.  We were tag teaming younger men before it went mainstream with MILF. Kitty Fox was the grandma of porn in 1995.

San Jose/Silicon Valley Porn Producer:
I remember sitting at my dungeon desk with Sony LapTop.  I still have this heavy, armored laptop, Windows 98, one of the first ones  on the market by Sony.  My half-assed PC computer was crashed by self taught wannabe geeks.  It was weird talking with this brainy geek about email.  What is email anyway?  I was having fun with new born Internet creators in my dungeon.  LOL.  It was the beginning of the Internet.  What a boom!  After jerked around with crash PC to PC crash, I went to school, Photoshop, Adobe, Dreamweaver, Flash.  Now, a piece of cake with my favorite, education geek site, answers from programming to blowing out dust in your PC.  HA HA HA

The One and Only Zoe Zane live cam iFriends.com network, Cam2Cam, hundreds of guys watching my show. Members can see my HD cam, my dirty sex chat, whore stories, a little or a "hole" lot. Members see the HD show with no cam of their own.  Cam2 Cam, a member can have a HD logitech camera along with my HD camera.  It's so easy to set up your own HD camera on iFriends.com  Yes,  High Definition live cam with the real me, in person on Saturday morning.  You can choose to be silent or watch the show with pants down jerking off to my naked body.  I do take requests. THE SHOW IS FREE EVERY SATURDAY MORNING. There are hundreds of other ladies' shows.  You can go private with me in an instant on iFriends.com.  All my HD shows are on replay, archived so you can go back to your favorite parts over and over again. Up-skirt School Teacher - The Whore Story Lady 2011

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