zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Studio looks like a big car crash

I had my carpets cleaned, now put it all back,  I threw stuff in closets to keep what I do on the low.  It's constant, I must hide my mojo, what I do for a living.  The slum landlord know what I do.  I use my big tits tastefully to my advantage.

Warm water, I can wash my huge, big pile of towels, etc. from my new, erotic Klixen encounters.  Many of my new friends love the Klixen Way.  Funny how a new word changes it up.  Our sex needs to be dolled and spiced to keep it alive ....even in my underground world.  Sometimes, I wear wigs to look like a new girl with fetish friends.  I'm looking for a red wig to wear with old friends.
I will be good next year "zoe zane photo" update will be posted this weekend for www.zoezane.com.

I'm still recovering from my yoga challenge I did for 60 straight days.  It will take a few days to make it all better.

Funny how the same people with the same story keep calling me.  They must thinking I am stupid or something.

Note to Buttercup:  You list of things must be done by Sunday.  Call me by Saturday afternoon, let me know if it is done.
Love Your Diva Buttercup

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