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Thick-legged, female principle taps balls with towel paper roll - Laughs at small balls

Hello Miss Zoe Zane,

i haven't written my assignments correctly, your pretty smile and feet drive me insane.  i noticed, You use my poorly written stories, bad boy grammar mistakes, etc., fuck ups to humiliate me in front of the class.  LOL.  teacher, Miss Zoe, you even change the stories for your humiliating benefit.  i'm embarrassed BUT..... LOVE THEM. The way you incorporate my fetish fantasy story about the teacher spanking me in front of the class, seeing my pink ruffled, girlie panties, my little hard on! The way You tease, put double white nylons like socks, pull up your dress to those Marilyn Monroe 1950's shorts.  NOW, I AM CRAZY in lust for you.  iT's the smile and the shorts.  i Couldn't see Your feet covered nylons, darn. TEASE, tease, teasing me!!!!!!! i LOVED Your photo set a couple of years ago where You PUT ON WHITE SOCKS, TEASING...as if to say "HA!...You can't see my BARE FEET anymore...to your student 72, your SISSY, little balled PERVERT!" i LOVE Your latest set #676 where You show a close up of Your SEXY DEEP TOE CLEAVAGE in the BLACK PUMPS!!!!!!!  In the past, my female teachers witnessed me being paddled (spanko) to tears by the BIG THICKED-LEGGED FEMALE PRINCIPAL, Miss Agnus. it was SO EMBARRASSING, i would get a little hard-on when the female teacher/school secretary would dangle their pumps off their toes. Principle Angus loved keeping me after school with other laughing teachers.  she would make me stand in the middle of the room with pants OFF!.  then she pounced on me, held me down like a big MAMA cat.  the other laughing teachers jumped me and held my legs down.  Agnus would walk over to her closet, pull out fresh cut orange tree branches.  i was whipped with no mercy.  my bottom was bright red AND huge Spanko tears running done my face.  Principle Angus, loved a Spanko student like myself.  all the laughing teacher pointed their fingers yelling ...."lets brand him".  oh NO!  i can not be owned, branded by school yard teachers.  Agnus thought it was the best way to show other unruly students HOW branding was ownership.  it meant, I was slaved to her ownership forever.  Wearing sandals, other occasions BAREFOOTED or stocking feet made me drip like a fool.  i would have a HUGE wet spot on the front of my pants when paddling was over. I'd try to cover it with my hands, the principal would make me place my hands on my head, she finished out my discipline, laughing with utter joy. Some of the female teachers/secretary would snicker at my situation, say something like "Shame on you!"  Agnus branded my bottom with those exact words.  All the female chanting out loud at me.  SHAME ON YOU!!! - he he he he he

i can't see Your feet or whole body in some pics. i don't know if it's just the way the camera is angled...maybe? (Miss Zoe cropped the photos so you would not see her toe cleavage - ha ha ha on you).

Would You consider doing photos, You are wearing a skirt/dress, BAREFOOTED at first, holding a slipper, hairbrush, doubled up belt or Your switch, then PUT ON WHITE SOCKS and flats, hold up implements again? PLEEEEEEEASE??????? If only once? THAT WOULD BE SUCH A TEASE!!!!!!!! Thank You, Ma'am! Take care!  - student72

One of Miss Zoe's students write his paper for class and gets a big
for improper grammar and lazy writing habits!
She pulls his pants off, tickles his tiny balls with paper towel roll, laughing at him.

Tags: fetish diva diamond zoe zane fantasy rol
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