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Filming Cats

Torn into stoage boxes for USB port.  None.  Left camera cord at the studio,  I want all to see how many "mow mows" the cat speak at the front door.  We want to GO outside Mommie.  It was half-assed, their mow mows.  I'll do a better job another day.  When I get over to the studio, will post the cat photos and video.

The Happy Domme book is moving along.  I get fresh ideas, early in morning.  Since edgying is a hot subject, there will be a chapter about Diva and Billy, my secret houseboy.  Billy loves my big boobs alot-ta and 1950's Monroe white shorts.

Last night went to yoga at 6:30 PM.  Studio owner was the teacher (she knows she's too hardcore, she confessed laughing, hum??? -  bikram happy domme, hehehe).  Not to bad, the class, she toned it down with heart.  Doing this kinda of yoga is hell.  You don't need a Nazi teacher pushing people over the edge, who were over the top, into outter space, way out of their box ---- an hour ago.  You get my point! Teachers need to come from heart.  Bikram takes you out of your comfort zone.  Many times, I hung on waiting till the end.  Bikram is all in your face more than any hell you have experienced in the outside world.  If you can face the jaws of Bikram's Hell, you will get answers for the shit you deal with in the outside world.

Cat photos and video mow_outside_mcc

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