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Bikram Yoga Challenge - 60 Straight Days Awards - Tonight at Studio - Cat Films

I will be there, it's number eight.  Many know, my hard work for myself and my life.  I'm deeply respected for my efforts.  All you have to do with Bikram is show up,  You only need yourself and your eyes on the mirror.  You have everything to make your spine happy.  Just show up.

Yesterday, had a great staff meeting with film marketer/promoter for my Cat Film Company.  Peanut Jr. will be the next big star on "YOU TUBE".  We discussed the story line and film editing.  I'm looking for a Moo Moo from Walmart.  HA HA HA  This is perfect fun for what I need in my life.  I have been grooming myself to be a film producer over 15 years.  When the grand kids see the first video, I will have plenty of film stories for


I'm creating a film set for the cats.  Play toys, etc.  I love building film sets that are sharp with perfect details.

Peanut is mow-mow mowing massively by the bathroom sink.  He will not shut up.  I call it cat singing.  Peanut is singing his kitty song to his Mommie.  I picked him up, gave him a big hug.  Now on the computer desk sleeping.  z z zing away.....


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