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Sunday Photo Shoot - Your teacher is a slut, whore and c*ck sucker - ha ha ha

I let her flare out on the camera today.  Photo props:  paper cutter, turkey baster, walnuts on fire, corn cob pipe, hypnotizing ball, duct tape - tattoo on feet, unfiltered cigs, big nasty cigar, various liquor bottles and my huge boobs.  HA HA HA - ***....@---! ---..... hysterical cackles )))))) grinning (((((

Last night at Bikram Yoga Awards, another woman did 8 yoga challenges like myself. Woo Hooooo!

At photo shoot this morning, my Movie Star Photographer was laughing his face off with me.  It was our funny improvisation channel, like Male Actor, Jim Carrey.  We were buzzing!  Next photo shoot will be out by the railroad train tracks in my short Monroe, 1950's shorts and big smile.

Early this morning, Chubs crawled in close to my warm body, laid next to the pink wall.  Then big boy, Buddy parked his huge fully tail, curled tight, over my head.  Peanut Jr. did his dump truck move-in with, no class and his peach-crinkled nose.  I need you Mommie, here I am!   All were in purring, kitty spender.

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