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zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

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Cats, book and new girlfriend named Angie

In yoga class, a thick-legged female and I have become close friends.  Angie is has the same legs as female character,  Agnus in "The Happy Domme" Book.  Amgie knows what I do for a living.  Many of myyoga friends are open-minded about my porn and underground world.  I'm buzzing, many fall in love with my bubbling energy.   This is off the wall, crazy and unbelievable.  Angie likes to wrestle, hold down, her boyfriend, in bed after a long days work.  Last night we were having dinner together where she told me what she loves to do to men.  My mind is turning.

I'm watching my 3 male cats.  They have daily patterns.  I'm cracking out the HD camera for their kitty films.  I spoke with "sharp as a tack" grandson on cell phone yesterday about the "Cat Films".  He wants to be in one of the films.  Oh goodie, maybe a You Tube star is born from Utah?  This kid knows the ins and outs of his Dad's iPad, iPhone and Mac computer at 6 years old.  LOL

Something interesting what men say to me:
1 - Hello Ma'am,
I am 28, introduced to BDSM lifestyle when 20 during my internship to Germany. I always had submissive tendencies in the presence of Older Women. Since then I've had another D/s relationship with a lady who was older than me, for a year and a half.
My kinks revolve around foot/body worship, smoking, fire, hot ash, fetish, sissification/CBT. I love to stretch my limits would love to learn a lot more from You. The image of a Lady in her high boots towering above me as I crawl at her feet only to see a blur of her beautiful face through the smoke, is truly intoxicating for me.  I hope to talk to You further and continue this conversation.

2 - Miss Zoe can you stand on your head and I do you.  Hot sex with your standing on your hands leaning up against the wall?

3 - Fetish Diva Diamond, the ladies who dominate me in LA put me in a bathing suit and heels.  They wanted to break my manhood using scratchy training bras.  I begged them, I did ALL their demands before I was allowed to wear satin, soft bras.

4 - Early last week, I took a call in the parking lot, a long time client from San Francisco. On the phone, he proposed to me right then and there. I was most flattered (and considered, hum???).  I explained, I had other proposals, he replied, "Well dump him. I'll take care of you way better, you don't have to work if you don't want to.  You're gorgeous.  I'm sure you want to marry, it's okay, but dump the dope, come be with me. I'm incredible."

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