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Tuesday - Diva and slave Whip

Fetish Diva Diamond, I love the sparkling way you make fun of me. Today, I wore girlie clothes under my street clothes. I carried in wrapped, hand-cut twigs with handles. I thoughtfully cut the switches for your ease.  I know you love to hear that "swish in the air" twig before it smacks my helpless bottom. I've been out of town in need of many "butt whacks" to my soft bottom. You called those red, love welts, your "butt art". The way you hold me down, bare bottom exposed, makes me forever devoted. Since I'm face down, held tight, I'm forced to take what you cheerfully give me. It drives me crazy not knowing what my beautiful DIVA will use on my bottom. It's the element of surprise, all the different instruments for a bad boy's discipline & punishment.

Tags: fetish diva diamond slave whip
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