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what happened when I did not complain for 24 hours

I watched the grumpy cat video by Forbes - hilarious

One of my dancer friends wore sparkle hair band, it was her birthday - woo hoo girlfriend

After bikram yoga class, a sharp, male friend gave me a funny idea for the cat films with my 3 male cats "The Monster Cat Crew"

In yoga class it came to my brain, funny conversations for the HAPPY DOMME book.  I've been on the book everyday since Mach 22 2013

Went shopping, long over due, clerks were EXTREMELY gracious.  Easter Sunday went over to mall, it was closed.  LOL

This morning, I love the rain.  Filming the cats, checking computers stats, updates with big smile.

Use the Mac, the XP might be in it's last days of service for my Internet Entertainment business.

Phone calls from DDI Magazine, the Net, local newspaper:

I test their sincerity when they call me about fetish fantasies.  Please send me email IF you are serious.  I require more than one line.  No email, I type a name in my phone matching their bull shit story.  Let it go and go fishing.  There are a lot of fish in the sea.  Angie, my thick, legged dancer girlfriend said they need you more.  I'm trying to figure out why men lie.  That is a given, men lie.

Zoe Zane
Fetish Diva Diamond The Happy Domme
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