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Mistress of Ohio and Fetish Diva Diamond/ZoeZane - Mistress of Doo Doo

Mistress of Ohio said all the eateries slap gravy on anything.  Even on leather boots, laughing.  Yeah, she has a male slave who loves to eat gravy off her thigh high boots.  LOL.  We laughed together about our weird fetish slaves.  While talking, she did a search on GoDaddy.com, domain name, Mistress of Doo Doo.  Damn right the name is available for all those potty boys.

It's a given, my XP computer has crashed.

Filming the cats, introducing each one, their personalities.  Peanut is a major "BRAT,  the big cat Buddy (20 pounds), is a MAMAS BOY, and Chubs is the Administrator, a prima donna, loves having his cat body brushed, screams big, loud mow mows "go outside" and chase balls.

I still don't know which cat beings me the flying-feather, kitty toy.  In the morning, I find it by my bed or on the floor close to me.

I just got a call from a retired engineer, a wannabe water closet boy.  See, the Mistress of Doo Doo is working her mojo.  HA HA HA - He wanted his phone sex for free.  No way buddy.  He tried to dominate me on the phone.  I told him straight out.  I was a nice, friendly bitch with him on the phone.  Told him, the Mistress of Doo Doo's address, the cost to talk about his fantasy, a female peeing on him.  It turned him on, I called myself the Mistress of Doo Doo.  So silly, chuckling to myself.

Here comes the out house where ladies can do there doo doo.  I know there will be a huge line of male slaves.  In America, merchant account ccBill will ban all videos and photos of potty content.  
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