zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Need for Vacation

Last night, I didn't want to be in Bikram yoga room.  It was work the whole time, THEN I saw some eye candy.  YUM!!!

I'm planning a trip to see my stripper daughter in May.

Today, morning email, a fetish slave boy from the Spectator Mag hit me up with his new life story.  In our past BDSM games, I torn his pants off, tied him up and teased him, no mercy.  He got divorced, did not see him.  Then he showed up, wanted to know all about Vegas.  He was going with his buddies.  NOW remarried in his standard conventional marriage, living in his secure boredom.  Not getting the sex he craves.  How I've heard that story over and over again.  She was hot for me before we got marriend, now in marraige, it's not hot anymore.  LOL.  He wants to "get fired up" with Fetish Diva Diamond again.

Marriage has its boundaries, on how people act.  Men like their kinky games.  They KNOW they can find someone to provide a kinky service.  Their kink keeps them sane.  Balanced.  I've seen this over and over again.  They get married and come back.

Cat photo.  Yeah baby.

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