zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Saturday in San Jose

Took cat photos. You can never get a cat to do what you want. OFKM
Did live cam show, a whore screaming viewer tried to dominated me.  Too funny.
New friend fell in love with my 60 year old body.  YUM!
Finished update text, photos, video for www.zoezane.com
Returned library movies, found better movies. Yipeee!
Michelle, a fetish TV freak showed up, showed his new swim suit, a cross-dresser.
At the end wanted his nuts removed, be a lady.
Got real freaky, wanted his nuts fried up in pan on open camp fire.  LOL.
This nut removal is for only nuts.  HA HA HA
BDSM Psychodrama, fantasy baby.
Forced myself to yoga class, too much sun.
Grumpy the cat, hates Bikram yoga like me
Doing Bikram when weather warms up, it's HELL

grumpy the cat
Tags: zoe zane bikram yoga
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