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DIVA and her Mama's Boy Story --- Southern Charms Zoe Zane Photo

DIVA giggled as she lifted the hot iron from the ironing board.  She licked her finger, touched the hot iron, watched it zizzle.  She lovingly looked at "all my love LB-LT, her Mama's Boy.  She smiled with exquisite, mischievous boldness at his little pee pee. Her Mama's Boy, thinking to himself, "I want a warm enema from my DIVA".  Then DIVA said softly in his ear, hair hanging over his face, "It's time for a big, red bag enema".  Instantly Mama's Boy was enraptured by DIVAS words, her big smile, he knew what was coming.

His DIVA gives ALL her proper discipline, it's fun-loving, impish, high spirited, unpredictably, penetrating, intimate intense! The embarrassment shame of DIVAS full-waist pants down, exposured his little balls, it was very good for MB in front of her lady friends.  DIVA boasted, “Just to straighten him all right-out.” She wanted to insure MB had a healthy fear of, reverence for women of any age.

To motivate his conduct, DIVA actively sought ladies to witness his outdoor corporal punishments.  And, only boys, never girls.  “If DIVAS big, bad boy is ever not nice to the ladies, DIVA is going to have a little balls discussion how MB will get his nuts in action.  It's best for MB when he's not a good boy.  After all it’s kinda fun for us gals to zap those precious, very petite, little nuts.  MB, he’s so cute, all sad, cuz he wants his balls to be zizzled.  Who can blame him, what he craves. He shoulda thought about his littlesteamy balls, before he decided to be a bad boy, now, shouldn’t he?  he he he, giggling, cackling DIVA.

MB was captivated by the way DIVA tease-talked to him. Part of MB wanted to push DIVA away, a larger, stronger part wanted to worship DIVA in her sex. When MB got his switch-swatting because of bad manners, like failing to stand up for a lady or failing to jump into action to assist a lady, he was pants.  Afterwards MB was made to stand bare with red-welted bottom in the corner of DIVAS bedroom. He could hear her sneak up from behind. Then softest stroking, tickling touch, DIVA would caress, flutter his bare balls, coo into his ear, “Let's zizzle those little balls, naughty boy,who is getting to be just too bad a boy to keep them where they are right now…DIVAS fiery laughter, ha ha ha ha.”

An important part of DIVAS after-scolding was her foreplay-sexy-hot fondling, stroking of his swinging bare balls, She lecture-laughed at him with her mocking jesters at his expense. MB was encouraged to think and write confessing notes to DIVA and other ladies about his misbehavior, what offended the ladies.

“What MB need to show DIVA is how MB needs to behave.  MB will await DIVAS punishment.  She will give MB, based on her wise judgment, when she is ready, give it to MB.  Your Mama's Boy is ready, DIVA!  ( MB might think, DIVA is your friend but DIVA is really your "demon lover" Mama.  You can send the "Demon Lover" movie to her address immediately:   Carman 1608 West Campbell Ave # 240 Campbell, Ca. 95008 - Be a good boy, give it to her right away.  Go back, remember your Mama and what she did if you misbehaved, march to the backyard.  MB will ever remain Mistress Doo Doo's little balled boy.

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