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After Bikram Yoga class - Klixen Edging Story

This morning, all the cats (over 50 lbs of kitty furry love) tried to get inside a Walmart bag. LOL.


I had this encounter, I call on the edge of edging.  Watching the subject's facial expressions were most awesome.  Just one swipe like a credit card, he was on the edge of 9 falling to 10.  The number 10 is this:  I'm in a wild tantra, wonderful outrageous orgasm.  Swipe it again.  Wait.  Swip. Hold.  Swipe again, and make him beg to get off.  He held the sheet tight, no blindfold, me laughing, he was an edgy 9.99.  The little demon, devil girl in me was enjoying every second immensely. I love the idea of taking an excited male out to a horse barn for edging.  He is tied to barn posts, teased-denied with my frisky lady friends.  All my girlfriends are running around naked kissing one another.  The male is kissed in various places, as I swipe and hold.  I wonder how long Mr. Cha Cha would last?  Maybe 2, 3 or.....a big 5 hours.  What exhausting fun for all of us in the horse barn.
My edging subject has seen many b-o-n -d-m-a-s-s-a-g-e females.  He made the comment, first time, great energy, next time, energy was boring flat.  Hum.  I know what happened, will not reveal.  It's good, I left b-o-n-d-m-a-s-s-a-g-e last year.  I had the mojo the whole time and did not see "THE MOJO" in myself.  One tip, I did not tell my edging tantra subject, that I was once with "B" and left.  That was a very smart move.  No association with b-o-n-d-m-a-s-s-a-g-e.

Your happy, klixen edging, Zoe Zane

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