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What men want from me in THEIR fantasy

Hey Zoe, I love you! You're absolutely gorgeous. You and your sexy feet drive me crraazzyyy!
My feet have been over loved and malled my hundreds of fetish freaks.  I want to tickle your feet!!!
Hypothetical situation....
A bad guy mistakes you for an undercover cop, kidnaps you, and brings you back to his hideout for information. He thinks you know the code to a city government safe that's in the room.
This guy doesn't have his hideouts straight.  Be clear, dude.

He tries to get you to tell him the secret code. He wraps you up from shoulders to ankles, just your head and bare feet sticking you.  Ties your big toes together, and wraps his legs around your ankles so that your feet get locked soles up in his lap.
WHAT IN THE FUCK DOES THIS LOOK LIKE?  This photo is better.


To get you to talk, he starts slowly stroking his fingers up and down your soles.
After a while, he then uses the quill of a feather to start tracing figure 8's along your bare arches.
I like circles instead of figure 8's buddy.

He sees that doesn't work, thinks your still holding back the code.  He then pulls your toes back so your soles are stretched and taut, begins drooling on your arches.
So disgusting.

He write dirty words on the most sensitive areas of your feet with a pen. He says he will keep going until you give the code to him.
I WILL NEVER GIVE THIS GUY THE CODE! Drooling is un-called for.  Doodling is better.  Mr. Tickle, my feet are not ticklish.  HA HA HA - I lied THAT my feet are ticklish all over  .... but only in one spot.  I will not tell anyone.  SO THERE!  HA HA HA
How would you handle this situation?
I think the bottoms of my feet would be all black from dirty written words.  I would tell him to write my most favorite words like whore.  Whore, my favorite word of all time.
Would you be able to keep still and quiet enough so he stops because he thinks it doesn't bother you?
Yes, he covered the parts of my feet with tape that are really sensitive to tickling.  HA HA HA
Perhaps, you'd be a helpless mess, bucking up and down, begging and laughing hysterically the whole time?
Oh..... I'd make fun of him.  His need to get the code out of me ... is a waste of time.  Since I feel like a big brat today, this "tie up like weird" is bullshit.  I didn't  get how it looked, so I'm outta here.  Besides I'm an escape artist and let him do it just to entertain myself.  I stole his wallet before he captured me.  I know all about him and will post it on the Net.  Better yet, I'll have a Hollywood billboard posted near his house.
The attack of the lousy foot tickler!!!!
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