zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Miss Zoe, you are my PE TEACHER, GYM COACHand the most "Beautiful Troublemaker Diva" on the NET.

I love your photos, the summer shorts as the gym teacher. Miss Zoe, your bare skin in frilly shorts, painted toes, BARE Fee make me very excited. I went back to old school days in 1980's.  My PE class was co-ed gym. Many times the female PE GYM CoachTeacher would paddle me in class. She did it when I failed to "dress out" properly.

In a few classes we did exercises in bare feet.  I had this crush on a hot Cheerleader named Loren.  The whole class was barefoot. Wide-eyed Loren watched my bottom paddled and my face covered with huge tears.  The teacher grinned from ear to ear as she planted her THICK-LEGS, swinging her wooden paddle. I cried baby tears, squealed like a little wimp. When my corporal paddling was over, the barefoot PE Coach turned me fast around to show my red hot ass to the class.  All were laughing at me.  I was sooooo embarrassed.  The whole class witnessed my tiny, little erection in my gym shorts.

The PE Coach told me to pull my pants down to expose my frilly little pink, sissy panties.  The hot Cheerleader Loren and all the other girls laughed at my feminine underwear.  The teacher made me place my hands on the wall, step back and stick OUT my pantie bottom.

Her "OUCHIE" paddle on my bottom made Loren and all the girls kick up their legs in hilarious laughter.  My cry baby squeals where louder than their laughs.  After my paddling, the teacher made me stand, face the students, my hands on my head.  My PE Gym Teacher continued with HER class as they snickered at my see through panties exposing my tiny erection (with a huge, wet spot).  Everyone saw my pink sheer panties.  I was not a stud.  I was the school's cry baby, sissy girl.

My tiny erection was about to cum looking at all the BARE FEET.  Oh NO!  The PE Teacher put on WHITE SOCKS. All the girls put on their WHITE SOCKS.  My tiny, little erection disappeared, went limp like a button. I have NO PENIS!  It made the teacher, Loren and all the other girls snick-snick snicker. Fingers pointing, side-hurting laughs by everyone in the entire gym class.  My face was strawberry red.  I was humiliated, shamed, very embarrassed.  I ran off the school grounds straight home crying like a little, piggy boy.




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