zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

MARCH 17, 2006: Today I got 2 phone calls to be on the Jerry Springer Show in Chicago

They will not pay me what I am asking for so fuck Jerry, the bitch whore. I am to bring a family memeber on the show and tell them what I do for a living. LOL. I could take my daughter but she can not afford to miss work. Springer pays for the airfair, the 4 star hotel, meals but not the drinks. Oh fuck so I can not go drunk to the show. BUMMER! They did agree to $500 for the show for me and my daughter, $500 a piece, but that is not enough. I cannot push my web site so fuck them. I asked for $1000 and to push my web site. I am gone two days and it is a tuff schedule to keep. They will slam me to death so I thought I would take my wild girlfriend Rachael and she could be my daughter, I had when I was 14. LOL. She tells me her dark secret after I tell her mine. BUT here is the kicker, I go on stage looking really old, glasses, gray hair, farting granny with gray suit, a walker and support stockings. Get the picture??? Pick my teeth and scratch my ass. Don't say much just act and get the whole fucking studio in an uproar. Then I take my cane and hit my daughter and bum her ass with it, acting stuff. TOO FUNNY! I know the game because I went on the Jenny Jones Show 4 years ago. They can't hurt me anymore for be over the so called fucking hill.
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