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Acient erotic games - tie, tease and denial - new words for old words

There are new words for tie,  tease & denial.  New words are Klixen, delay, edge, edging erotic games.  Other words are used which make it seem fresh, something new and innovative.  Tease and denial have been around since the beginning of time.  Other new words are hyped up but it's still tie, tease, denial erotic games.  Now days, it's important to trust your sex worker.  Trust a sex worker?  YES!  Trust a sex worker.  Those who provide safe and discreet services.  Trust is very important.  The energy behind the sex worker is crucial.  You always know by their actions not their words. There are cut throat SWS who use hype, falsehoods for their gain.  If a sex worker can't show respect for other sex worker's in private conversations, their behavior/words show their true colors.  For example: comments from a "not trusted sex worker", their statement about men, "Oh they are just men, you can do whatever you want to them.  It does not matter just do what you feel like doing!"  It get around in the underground who you can trust as a sex worker.  Services provided in the underground need to be trusted for many reasons.  I'm sure your mind is making a list of reasons.  One big one, no one wants to publicly see what is going on in the underground.
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