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Ranting about a small penis - HA HA HA

My comments to a 2 inch wee wee man in a public forum on Sunday morning:
You posted in the wrong forum, do to domination, the right one. Just cause it's small doesn't mean you give less. Thinking in my mind, I don't see your button of manhood? Oh, it's a tiny mound of flesh called stumpgrinder. Laughing. I can't do tease and denial IF there's nothing to hold onto. I bet it is smaller than a battery. I know how you do it, you push a pillow under your manless body and hump it. Let's all watch 2inchweenie hump the bed. Soooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be into small penis forum humiliation too. HA HA HA

Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond


Battery SALE - Energizer 357 303 Silver Oxide D303, D357, D303/357, GS13, 228, 357, 280-62 1pc (Each)
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Since your micro battery, sized penis is mini tribute is more!

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