zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Something freaky on Wednesday, a Kitty Foxx look alike

I was getting my nails/feet done at the hairdresser, guess who I saw....a Kitty Foxx look alike. YA! Actually she was better looking than Kitty. LOL. Kitty Foxx was a heavy smoker. I love Kitty Foxx!!! Her mock twin sister Blancha from Cuba, a part time school teacher/works for Macy's at the jewelry department. They are not related at all but it was so cool to see Kitty in the flesh in Santa Clara, California. I was looking in my membership at some of the pics Kitty and I did..... WOW! I found a pic with over 7 orbs in the pics. Kitty and I always had a blast when we had sex with younger men in Las Vegas at her house.
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