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Snoring Fetish

Yesterday Buttercup told me how he loves to hear a woman snore in her sleep.  Her snoring  makes him horny for sex.  LOL.  I was not aware of the snoring fetish.

Dearest FDD&Z (Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane)
A short note to his DIVA:

You are always a blessing to Buttercup!
I don't care how much a woman disrespects me as long she still happily wants to fuck me.

True contentment saturates through the night in the embrace of a beautiful woman soundly snoring.


I did a Net search for snoring and found many links.  Here is a story found on open source about snoring.

loves sound sleepers .....his confession

I use to party with this one drinking girl.  She had an apartment throwing wild, night parties.  She'd be passed out on the rug sooner or later.  One night, I didn't drink that much, got up to use the overused, down stairs bathroom.  I went to her bathroom, she was out cold on her back.  The bed covers were over her mouth.  She was closed to snoring, breathing deeply. Her hand hanging out past the bed, I nudged it pretty hard.  No response.  I then took a leak, came back, no change.  I rubbed her head upward, her mouth looked like it was about to open. I rubbed her head further back, gently pulled her chin down, her mouth opened wide.  I kept it open about 10 seconds looking at her, then it started. ))))) LOUD SNORING (((((  I let go of her chin and head, the snoring continued, so awesome.  I moved down to the foot of the bed uncovered her feet,  I have a foot fetish.  I played with her feet for an hour. I did this one more time with her and moved out of state.

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