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Ginger Makes A Pony Frisky

Flashing back, Buttercup recalls exquisite moments of his behavior when DIVA Mama took him by the arm.  She spoke directly in his ear, grinning big in the presence of her lady friends.  The setting for these moments of discipline were often at DIVA Mama's dance studio.  There were always many women dressed in fluted, loose, short tap pants, short short, short pleated skirts.  The shorts revealed all of their gorgeous, bare legs.  It was a bold atmosphere of mischievous feminine wilds.  Buttercup was the only boy, an open target for fun amongst them all.  Buttercup wanted to be panted in front of ALL the grinning females.  He wanted to be made fun of, satisfy, amuse, make happy through his performance.  His DIVA Mama's words of discipline, "you know ladies, I think that we do now have a bad boy who wants his pants down offa'.  DIVA can swat him good and hard, oh right on his little bottom.  The bad boy wants his DIVA MAMA'S good spankin', and he likes it so very very much.  Cuz', DIVA believes he knows he badly needs it.  He needs it so much he does bad, hahaha. DIVA thinks - right here, right now, and right in front of all the ladies, doncha'  Buttercup.  He would cringe and fume when he saw the delight and satisfied grins of the ladies.  DIVAS open scoldings of Buttercup were totally disarming, made subordinate as a male before women.  The ladies bonded together in satisfaction that a bad boy was about to get put right by his DIVA.  Buttercup was put in his little place.  Instantly, suddenly, he was elegantly snatched free by DIVA. Offa' all pants, "oooh, my goodness, is this little fella just way way too big for his shorts and his little boy, panty pants.  Let's get  'em offa' him, there we go, now that's better, isn't it?"  Buttercup swallowed hard, steeling a look down to his wiener, set of balls swinging bare in full view of the ladies of finger pointing, arms crossed, grinning women.  He felt devastated and faint in chilling humiliation.  At the same time exhilarated sexual arousal of being exposed maybe about to be spanked by DIVA.  One of DIVAS lady friends, Lisa smiled at Buttercup, both hands on her hips, his shorts with underpants clutched in her left hand. 
Now for the frisky pony surprise by Lisa's lady friend. She grabbed from the kitchen something peeled and tiny to insert into Buttercups doo doo place. Other ladies held him down laughing. It was a peeled piece of ginger. They were treating Buttercup like a pony for sale. You know ginger makes a bottom snappy snap and lively. Buttercup jumped up grabbing his bottom with a stiff wiener. All the dancing ladies were laughing. Then they held Buttercup down again. Removed the ginger, put ice cubs in his bottom to cool him offa'. It was soooo terribly funny to see his face get hot then grip cold. HUMILIATION WITH LAUGHTER
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