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What men say to me.....

1.  I LOVE how School Teacher Miss Zoe Zane went from wearing pumps, to BAREFOOTED, to socks and flats. SUCH A TEASE, You are! The big "ouchie" belt looks scary! I LOVE the kinky teacher themes You do.  All the tree switches like orange, grapefruit, cherry, rose bushes. oh NO!  Student 72 was ordered to your house for after school detention.  Miss Zoe was at the front door with a big grin on her face.  After Student 72 entered the living room, Zoe Zane pinched his bottom.  He jumped like a jack rabbit.  Two other Lady Teachers stepped from the dining room.  They grabbed Student 72, pulled him out to the backyard laughing.
They pointed to a few trees in the back.  Boldly grabbed Student 72 by his arm commanded him, cut his own fresh, cherry tree switch.  They told him to get down on my hands and knees like a tail wagging doggie, THEN madly switch his bottom.  Hearing the switch swish in the air gave Student 72 a boner.  His stiff, little man hard-on pushed like a tent in his pants.  All the teachers were laughing, scolding Student 72.  One of the Lady Teacher ran for the garden hose.  Another Teacher pulled his pants down.  The Teacher with the garden hose blasted water on Student 72.  He needed a gud cooling offa".

2.  Miss Zoe I will be in town tonight and I want an all night-er with you.  Take you out for a nice dinner, THEN in private, more than one hour for medical enema tortures.  I do not want to get off.  I need some of you well-know edging tricks used on me.  When you give me the enema, I want milk and brown sugar.  I know what this enema does to men.  I'm a medical doctor who needs to be sent away with NO pleasure...... for yelling at my patients and nurses.  As a Doctor, I deserve this kind a male slamming down to the floor.  It destroys my macho God like male attitude.  I beg Miss Zoe to deliberately enema-size my hard-on to a thumbnail dime shape.  Please Miss Zoe, I desperately need your happy punishments.

3.  Do you like vampires?  I watch movies that are very scary.  I want you be me my Vampire Mommy, give me a good bite where it counts.  It will make make me stand up high and fly away. I saw your Vampire photos on your www.zoezane.com site in the membership.

4.  I love to spoil sexy ladies like a Princess.  If you say yes to Princess Spoilings, I will forget about living in Canada or England.  If you say yes to Dolly Princess Honors we can live together in joyful, blissful happiness.  We can live in Princess Land Hawaii where I bring you breakfast in bed, comb your blond hair, rub your feet.  I will take you shopping for pretty Princess Muse lingerie and sexy dresses.  You will be my dress up Princess Dolly in Hawaii.

5.  I'm thinking when I show up you answer the door naked. You tell me you just got out of the shower.  I suggest you let me dress you. You agree to this and lead me to your clothes. I pick out some sexy stockings and put them on your legs. Then I pick out some high heels, slip them on your feet. I go to pick out something else, but you get up stop me by kissing me. You take off my pants and lick me. Then you sit me down and you grab the silk stockings, slide them over my hardness, continue to suck my me till I cum.

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