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My Life in San Jose

Last night yoga class, I used the heat of the room to relax my body and mind.  Different perceptive, I liked it.  I love the way Bikram Yoga makes me feel after class. 
Here are fresh tree switches gathered by my Butler Buttercup. From left to right:

grapefruit tree, birch, birch, ??? unknown, birch, grapefruit tree, holly bush, grapefruit tree, grapefruit tree

Call it grape-fruiting, birching, holly-bushing on Butler Buttercup's white bottom by his DIVA MAMA - Fetish Diva Diamond
DIVA, happily left her marks on "B" lily-pale bottom.  It made her laugh how "B" greeted her in little man gym skirt and shorts .  DIVA has a lady friend that lives close by. She'd hold "B" down to light a fire under his fair and fluffy fanny for some extra needed good energy and pep.   DIVA knows THE FIRE she got a blazing inside of  "B".  Better be careful of HIS day-dreaming, it will get him pinched rightly so in the right soft-ta part-a.


Fantasy is always better than the real thing. Your fantasy can go anyway you want it to go. But in real life, the way someone uses their words towards you is the real truth.  How a person treats service people is how they will treat you in private. 
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