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Mistress of Doo Doo - Nurse Klixen Edging - Tank Up on Thursday

Morning blog, using XP, it's slow thick molasses on LJ (live journal).  I still post with XP out of 10 year habit. Yesterday, my Utah ER Doctor son
confessed he does not like change.  Your Zoe Girl's child-life was crispy critical, when change comes my way it's a challenge for me.  I do not like change either.  My son and I are working on a driving safety app for the iPhone.  The app was accepted by APPLE last month.  We're on the grid.   The new Apple  iOS 7 will allow apps to run in the background on iPhones.  Good For Us.

Today, I recovered the lost blog of yesterday.  woo hoooo - I have a thick-legged Mistress Lady Friend who calls me charming.  As a child I was called Brat not charming.  Does that make me a Brat Charmer - he he he   ??? .....hum ----- laughing.  On San Francisco RB my reputation is loved by many men.  The men adore my charm and sense of humor.  The women, oh fuck me.  Most RB women, I stay clear.  RB women are like a bunch of naked strippers (cut throat competitive females, not ladies) a n d ....not REAL strippers.   90% of strippers have kick ass bodies.  Get it?  The female workers on San Francisco Redbook do not have to be perfect.  IF perfect, it's a plus.  It's MORE ABOUT about trust, energy and delivering what clients long for and need.  Give them what they need.  The clients are not getting what they want from wives and girlfriends, so they see ladies of the night time, afternoon delights, fresh morning romps. LAUGHING.  How do I look at it - like I'm changing their oil, rotating their tires, fixing their transmissions or gassing up their tanks.  I'm a super charging station for your long distant trips through life.  BIGGER LAUGH


WEDNESDAY BLOG June 12, 2013
It seems I've been receiving private applications from men who long to have their bank accounts broke.  WHY?  I give them what they secretly long for and need.  I am still taking applications till the end of the June 2013.  What are yeah goin' to DO with all that money anyway.  Save some $$$$$ for your kids if they don't get it before you die.  Kids know how to work parents who have money.  Being close intimate is a high commodity in my world.  Yesterday it was detailed pinching spots on a lily white, bare bottom.  Next the edging Klixen Nurse made her patient stoke himself, then she grabbed tight.  HOLD ON BABY.  Fetish Number 3, a client, needed tickle feather therapy with added tiny vibrator.  The vibrator (electric toothbrush from Walmart).  LOL.  He liked the brush edge of the brush.  LOL.  Fetish Diva Diamond tried the brush side on herself, it felt gooood to her surprise!  Really.  No kidding.  Nurse Klixen likes to put that tiny electric toothbrush in her subbie's doo doo parts.  Call Fetish Diva Diamond the Mistress of Doo Doo.  HA HA HA

Your Gold Digger Dom is now taking in new "please destroy my bank account subs".
You can apply on-line, copy and paste questions below, fill in the answers.
You must match and satisfy my glorious criteria.
Satisfation guaranteed

Fill out the questions below, send to opforfree@yahoo.com

Your Name
City and State
Working or Retired
Favorite Music
Favorite Food
Exercise Program

Right now there's an opening to be the GOLD DIGGER'S butler.  Must have desired skills in resume.  Of coarse, I will not tell you!  HA HA HA
I do not take everyone.  One clue, if you are a sex-driven, fetish fool there is a chance.

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