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A Disciplining Woman's Amusements

A males application to be Fetish Diva Diamond's butler, Question:  what is he good at?
When a submissive gentleman is under Fetish Diva Diamond's authority and discipline, it's entirely hers to answer because: applicant, Buttercup is in that relationship based entirely on Diva Diamond's authority, her discipline, her satisfaction and amusement.  Buttercup's self assessment may be interesting but it's entirely incidental to how Diva Diamond assesses him.  She may, if not believe, advise him that he's not very good at much of anything!  FDD wants him, most importantly, only to listen to her, mind her, work always with improvement in his performance and attitude.  Fetish Diva Diamond has rules and specific standards he must follow.  Just to spice up his yearning,  FDD may give him praise for the moment when Buttercup is comfortable,  DIVA DIAMOND will definitely stick a pin in his behind or sizzle a nice fire, right low down on his bare behind to make him jump. Startle Buttercup, get his full attention at doing better for his DIVA DIAMOND MAMA woman.

For one woman, a little man's performance may be all about speed and urgency; for another, it may all be about meticulous attention to detail; for another it may be all about his cheerful eager management. He is under  FDD's authority, any sign of his little anger and ego is not an option.  For the little man Buttercup, his business is about simply listening and tending to Fetish Diva Diamond with all of his might. He's excepted to let everything else coast.

Some women might want to take a lot of time to train a little man in each household task.  To performs exactly when, how, and fast she wants him to do things.  Then DIVA DIAMOND might hand him off to a trusted lady friend to work him differently to another woman's standards and requirements. She will motivate his versatility and shake him up out of his pensive, stubborn ways.  His main woman, FETISH DIVA DIAMOND may have him on a daily routine of service and performance to a set series of tasks while another might want to double the number of tasks.  Before either woman is satisfied, the little man may have to shed a lot of tears, bare-bottomed and wailing in his little corner.  The ladies must sacrifice their valuable time to a little man's needed punishment. He MUST make up in accelerated work pace until all of his work is finished.  Some woman who enjoy applying heat to a little man's bare bottom may take the opportunity during his make up work to kiss some good heat on the tip . . . .   THAT helps him put some jumping charming zip into his step for his DIVA DIAMOND.

What I am good at:
Any tasks that require mindless toil of the house hold and garden: cleaning, rearrangement, dumping.
I am very bad at tasks that require mechanical aptitude and technical ingenuity.  I have a very low IQ
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