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The Curling Iron - Baby Play - Psychodrama Story

Buttercup watchs his DIVA MAMA sitting in front of her vanity mirror, HER curling iron in her hand.  She sweetly turns her blond hair in tiny rolls smiling at her baby boy.  He's been pouting over this and that not jumping lively to ALL her wishes.  DIVA thinks to herself that baby Buttercup needs a good "jump start" on his bare, white lily bottom.  Shock him back in place, get his attention, line him up right, where his DIVA MAMA wants him to be.  It makes DIVA MAMA chuckle when she sees his jerking masturbations.  MAMA likes her fun, edging game on his baby diaper.  Smiling for she understands what little men do, she points the curling iron towards Buttercup telling him to "stop that right now".  He stops for he knows he will get sizzled.  He obeys, watches HER every move.  It feels too good to jerk himself, so he does it again.  MAMA laughs in light, short giggles (laughs lightly in her Demon Lovers evil way).  She's a cat waiting to pounce the curling iron in just the right spot.  Buttercup is jerking away feeling the wonderful sensations in his little wiener.  He forgets what MAMA is doing with her hot, silver curling iron.
Early that morning, Buttercup was given assigned work tasks to be done throughout the entire day.  When Buttercup woke up, his MAMA was hovering right over his sleepy face in her erotic, smothering dominance.  He remembers how many times he exploded under his pretty DIVA MAMA.  Her blond hair, her perfume, her lovely breathe put him in a trace of submission.  He would let her do anything to him as her jerked away on his diaper.
DIVA MAMA motivates her baby boy to his work pace for "quick and properness" with her kinds words.  Those kind words make Buttercup feel good for awhile. He's excepted to serve all of her luscious demands. Buttercup knew if the curling iron was placed in the right place he would dance for her amusement.  He wanted the iron, he didn't want the iron.  But his wiener jerks made him submit to her hot silver iron, her edging torments.  All her wonderful punishments made him determined to fulfill his MAMA Lady's needs.   If he neglect to step lively, he got zapped. 
If he did not step fast enough DIVA MAMA made him fill up his red enema bag to loosen up his bad manners, his constipation.  If the enema did not do the trick, a hand picked twig would make him summit, make him cry like a squealing pig. 
DIVA MAMA, if she thought that her pinch, the enema or the switch did not put him "fast in his right place", she would so cutely sweet, zap-tap him.  Buttercup would stare into his MAMA DIVAS sparkling eyes as she moved to lite a fire under his botttom.  Funny how one tiny tap gets Buttercup to do a tap dance.  HA!  Buttercup would churn his face, DIVA giggled with evil glee knowing he would move extra fast.  MAMA would tap quickly, a fun twink of hotness to his LLB's wiener.  She'd smile watching Buttercup curl up tight, hold his tallie-wacker with both hands.
Now ... DIVA MAMA knows he'll be a good boy for the rest of the day.  Won't yeah, my little baby boy, Buttercup.

Tags: fetish diva diamond domination
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