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Saved $$$ at my dentist - woo hooo - coconut oil mouth rinses

After my Mormon divorce, off the wall stress with 7 kids to feed, my mouth went over the edge with gum disease at 35.  I've been battling it for a long time.  A year ago, I rinsed my mouth at night with a thick, sea salt solution.  My gums are growing back.  YESTERDAY .....my hygienist was very pleased and I was very very very HAPPY.
Everyone knows how important you back is.  When 4 years old, I was pushed off a roof, both legs in a hip cast.  I've seen a NSA chiropractor for a long time and Bikram yoga.  Yesterday, my back doctor told me about rinsing your mouth out with coconut oil to rid the mouth of plaque.  I will do sea salt at night and coconut oil mouth rinse in the morning.  Place 1 teaspoon in your mouth for 15 minutes, swish it around and spit out in the toilet, not the sink.  The coconut oil could clog your sink.  Now I'm going to blow my dentist out of his office with my plaque free mouth.  Yipeee!

Read oil pulling your teeth:


Working on a new Monster Cat Crew Film called "belle belle belle ... BURP ... blah blah blah".  Watch my three male cats and my rapping  words like voice over.

Zoe Zane


Hi Lizz.  I love you girlfriend http://www.sexymisslizz.com

Buttercup, your mama will be looking to see if you have your pants offa' after 7PM PST tonight.  Redo the towels again, my little man.  FDD, your demon lover mama, mistress hoovering dominance, her hair in your face.  DIVA like to butter-up Buttercup's LLB  balls with Ponds baby cakes. xoxoxoxoxo
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