zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

The moon is full tonight and that might

explain all the crazy shit I went through today. I was out of town last week in, so I skipped my live cam show and thought that I rescheduled it for this morning. When I went on the board it was not there. This morning I did 2 hours of cam for about 10 people. LOL. I got it figured it and those what showed up were lucky for I really put it out. VIP all the way. It was weird to do 2 shows with only 10 people. Then a regular viewer stopped in and asked me if I was doing my show at a different time. Oh fuck, I am damn good? Not sure about what right now. I was a real hot wet pussy cat for the show. I liked being her. Next week I will do another wild kitty but look different. Tomorrow is a busy day, I have to do a custom video blow job porno and then off to a porn shoot with Tom Mayes. AND THE UPDATE too!. Phew! Here is pic of Busty Delight, Sexy Miss Lizz and Me in the Keys this summer.
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