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Fun Antic Agonizing Story - Happy 4th of July

In honor of THIS very pre-hot 4th of July, my gym teacher loved laughing about the 4th of July.  She loved to drop a firecracker down the seat of a male's britches to help him get-a-kicking.  At a public picnic, she'd watch and sneak carefully near a male's half-hanging pants.  Not hard to get a male's pants down with today's trends.  Many males wear their pants half offa, don't they.  My teacher and her girlfriend's giggled saying, "We girls can see what he's got in the way of  'his little you know whatsies.'  A lady can ask and ask a boy to take down his pants or...she can just quick-shuck his pants down and bare his bottom herself.  BUT........ in some ways it's most fun to make it so's he really, really wants and needs to get his pants offa. He doesn't care at that moment that all the pretty girls can see him without pants on.  Males are always trying to get in some girl's pants anyway.  So let's have some great fun with all the trendy males."

It was particularly irresistible when my gym teacher said, "If the little boy was dressed in a union suit with a back-flap or overalls (like the three stogies movies) nice and loose for easy access, a quick settling "way down in and under there, it would do him some good. A fire cracker would do the most good right where he most needs it."    Half hanging pants just make it faster and easier to get a male's pants offa.  It's way funny when half-pantsed males are shucked like a big piece of corn right in public.  THe male does not THINK that would happen so fast to him.  HA HA HA --- everyone looking at his naked wiener and two balls.
My gym teacher would tossed a firecracker between my legs when I was not looking.  She thought it might be fun and good to shake HER boy up a little bit.  I had, in fairness, defied my gym teacher when she called me to come to her repeatedly.  Of course, I leaped up whne she told her two teacher friends who were covering their laughing mouths with their hands, waving hands in the air,  "Uh oh, somebody throw him down and put baby diaper's on him. We all know what diaper's are used for don't we!"  Then, my gym teacher shucked down my diaper, led me to the school garden hose to squirt and spray me clean while I cried.  My arms all over as I danced in place from shock, rage, and embarrassment which made all the ladies laugh all the more.  My gym teacher spoke many times, giggled about how she saw a boy suffer with her her funny, antic agonizing, fire-cracker dance.  He's drop ALL his pants offa RIGHT away.   Oh better yet lets force him to wear red Bear Cheeks Red & Black Plaid FlapJacks Lazy One Sizes in Adults pajamas.  Pull the flap down and throw the fire cracker!!! piece k one jac ack j ng i
adult flap jack pajamas
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