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Firecracker in his Sagging Jean Pants - Fireworks and Orbs

Before I was chauffered off to a secret fetish party @ 10PM PST Fourth of July, my 3 cats and I watched fire works go off from my balcony window.  They all jumped up to the window, we watched together all the colored sparkles in the sky.  Big cherry boom bombs. cracking fire crackers, whistling off.  It was an aray of smoking fun from the tiny rectangle window with three cats.  Peanut Jr. was more jumpy.  I told him it was okay, he calmed down.


Last night 8PM PST, 4th of Huly.  The 6AM morning caller called me with his daring male friend.  I invited both males to the Los Gatos party in the Santa Cruz mountains.  It was super funny how the one male liked to jump and dance, got all his attention from women when the fire cracker went off in his half-hanging, sagging jean pocket.  If you recall, I found a YOUTUBE video of some skinny male who placed a fire cracker in his pants, the girls laughing with glee watching him run with his smoking jeans.  Last night at private party:  Male got so hot he threw himself down in the dirt and scooted to stop the heat.  ha ha ha - Males who put or like fire crackers in their pants are 100% fire freaking masochists. I have more to reveal about my secret society of fetish dominating women.  I have a few trusted women friends who have taken oath to protect and keep safe for ALL involved.  Fetish Diva Diamond FDD fire play smokerella

fetish diva diamond
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