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Your hands might make it feel better. BUT Diva's finger tips .....

Last night in the car, the daring, young stud male sat next to me. I teased and taunted him, got him all fired up in the car. When outside in the big backyard, he was stupid enough to place the fire cracker in his pants and light it up. All the dominate women were laughing as he blasted off, jumping madly.  He was a modern day three stogies like dummie Larry ..... bong bam bam on his head. The fired up stud pulled his pants off and drug his bare bottom in the dirty dirt!

When Diva and Buttercup rode together in the car, HE felt her pouting luscious red lips. He knew her moods, her further intensifying sexual temper to intimidate him. It took him back to recent days in the backyard sunshine by the trees. Instantly, the grown man Buttercup was a little boy. Diva's sultry, whispery, seductive voice pulled Buttercup onto her lap and HER total, female dominating possession. He trembled, shuttered right into his bare bottom spot, feeling Diva's pinch as before. Her pinch was a penetrating pluck, the after-sting lingered and throbbed on Buttercup's bottom. His weenie erected under her knowing and amused gaze. Diva focused up and down on Buttercup's face to his groin. It was part of her demon lover manipulative style. Buttercup knew Diva was in an enthusiastic mood to indulge herself. It was coming forth her extended lengthy paragraphs, her own style of raunchy talk. Diva invoked unique picture images and expressions so arousing, totally disarming. Her brazen boldness overwhelmed Buttercup. She was a hot tropical house of heat, her teasing ridicule, her mocking the little boy and his libido. Forever his DIVA, she made Buttercup reel and spin for days on end.

Buttercup told DIVA about his other friends. Diva made it clear that their love was binding. Diva said, "You can see them as much as you want. Your Diva mama has friends too. THEN she cast a lingering glare at me, smiling, "Ooh, no siree, dear one. I think I will leave other men and Buttercup separate, if you don't mind. Buttercup is kinda like an old, old, little boyfriend as a mama's big baby boy anyways. ha ha ha! I don't mind you two get a little jealous of each other. If they get a little jealous let it be that way. Diva likes to see Buttercup try to act like big Mister Cool Sophisticated. Diva know about all those kinda men, full of shit, TUFF idiots  with cramped-up ass. Go ahead and try but you will forever always be mama's baby boy -- we know THAT you do.  Your DIVA mama kinda likes that too and so DO you -- ha!

Buttercup, "How were all your outings? You seem a little tied. maybe cranky, a sulky-sourpussy already today. Diva can tell from your messages.
Then Diva reached boldly over to rest her hand high upon Buttercup's upper inner thigh. Diva stoked her forefinger tip delicately and persistently. She stroked her forefinger at his favorite lingering spot, very close to his balls. "Oh, be still now, for goodness sakes and settle down." Then DIVA smartly smacked Buttercup's thigh. "Stop wiggling when you're driving doll face. Why, Buttercups knows that Diva mama can put her hand down right in there just 'cuz she likes to do that." Diva broadened her grin as she continued to stroke her fingertips across his inner thigh. And..... there is nothing he can do about it IF it bothers him, which it doesn't, we don't think, at all.

P. S.
I love your recent posts upon which I have had some influence. Aren't we arrogant and cocky thinking you had something to do with the cootie slave report.  Let's set-ta him right up right now, nose in corner, the REAL slave named "cootie" does have $$$ hungry women in his world wiping out his back account.  It has nothing to do with Buttercup at ALL.  As mama would say  .... let's make fun of Davey, who is not much of a male in the wiener department, take him out to the backyard see him squat laughing at his bare bottom BIG ding dongs!  


I love that DIVA shares my world and whose world I share, with whom I'm trusting intimate throughout the night.  Also during the day, when DIVA is ready. I love when DIVA wakes at 2:30 at night, she feels the itch for me, take me tenderly from behind by my bare balls and simply insist upon my intimacy with her.  I kiss her special part and we bind instantly.  Our intimacy has intensified, we are attached, FDD and Buttercup.  Diva wants me and assaults me whenever the whim moves her to do so.  I lover her whole, lovely mix of womanly passion, love, and dominance in a our domestic setting .... that is giggling cuddle-some in HER DIVA woman triumphant.  Buttercup (Davey) surrenders totally to his luscious FDD. Fetish Diva Diamond knows he will take care of ALL her needs as his Goddess.  
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