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Slammed GUEST207 in live cam show - go see another chick man bitch - I DON'T CARE

KISSZOEZANE [13:46]: a 25 year old stud fucked old hairy pussy in the woods
KISSZOEZANE [13:46]: hi roger FM by the redwood tree
FIREFIRE5 [13:40]: im roger - I fight fires - I LOVE OLDER PUSSY
GoPrivate [13:40]:  FIREFIRE5 Now @ $3.59/min for private 1-on-1. When finished, click 'End Private Session' and resume free session
KISSZOEZANE [13:40]: fire u have HD on computer
KISSZOEZANE [13:39]: hi boom
BOOMER5413 [13:39]: looking great
BOOMER5413 [13:39]: hey sexy lady - you get lots of brownie points fro me MOOM - such a good boy
FIREFIRE5 [13:39]: yeah
KISSZOEZANE [13:39]: from the cam
FIREFIRE5 [13:39]: got disconnected
KISSZOEZANE [13:38]: what happened
FIREFIRE5 [13:38]: hi
KISSZOEZANE [13:38]: hi there
KISSZOEZANE [13:37]: where did yah gooooooooooooooo???
GoPrivate [13:37]: This session is now available to all members
KISSZOEZANE [13:36]: where did u go
KISSZOEZANE [13:34]: you there
KISSZOEZANE [13:34]: call me
KISSZOEZANE [13:32]: yes
FIREFIRE5 [13:31]: can we do talk live - YES BABY CAKES
FIREFIRE5 [13:31]: hi
GoPrivate [13:31]:  FIREFIRE5 Now @ $3.59/min for private 1-on-1. When finished, click 'End Private Session' and resume free session
KISSZOEZANE [13:31]: bye bitch boy

THIS GUY - GUEST 207 - has small balls for brains.  He likes to throw water balloons at young 22 year old women.  I would get him all hot and bothered, put a road flare by the crack of his pant. . thes.  All the gilrls would be laughin so hard as he drug his fat ass on the grass like a dog.  I bet he likes all gets the attention.  Like he can't get pussy, he has to be rude.  A real live dominatrix shows him who's  bossthe. EN all the girls will hold him down and each girl will thow a fire cracker in his pants.  Oh no, his pants are on fire.  Too funny.  Serves him right for be a bad ass macho MTFER to cute college girls.

I don't need you $$$$$ money OR your cam abuse BITCH!

GUEST207 [13:31]: take off panties - I will and shove them in your mouth
GUEST207 [13:31]: i wanna see your ass
GUEST207 [13:30]: i'm so horny bb
GUEST207 [13:30]: or i go with another chick - who cares go see another chick - I DO NOT CARE ABOUT your little pathetic dick mouth with no brains - i bet you like my word abuse
GUEST207 [13:30]: are you show me your naked ass?
GUEST207 [13:29]: get you naked - if you talk to real live women like you have you are so FUCKED - no one will want to have sex with you
GUEST207 [13:29]: naked - you only get naked in PRIVATE man bitch - ha ha ha
GUEST207 [13:28]: i like you my lovely DOM  bitch
GUEST207 [13:25]: i wish you in the ass - NO YOU WISH I FUCKED YOU ASS man bitch
GUEST207 [13:25]: you are incredibly sexy fem dom

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