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Someone is trying to put words of anger in Miss Zoe Zane's mouth

Is your Teacher angry? -----  t h i n k i  n g ....... hum . . and more thoughts .....try try try  .... for THAT is what you want me to be, is ANGRY?  Are you acting in an unintelligent or careless manner, lacking intelligence or reason, dulled in feeling or sensation, marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting, senseless (definition of stupid) in a power game with your glorious beautiful Teacher, Miss Zoe?  The Teacher has stepped out.  Are you trying to put anger, words of anger in her mouth ... OR the emotion anger as her feelings?  Little does student "do do" know that's what HE is.  Are you making a huge effort to provoke your teacher to anger?   I am not angry.   hum ...  The question is this, "Are you the one that's angry?"  Your Teacher is NOT angry but very very very disappointed by your disrespectful classroom behavior as of late. Student "do do" says one thing and does the other. He was given a perk and he threw it away because he's so in-bliss with his Teacher.  oh.... Teacher DO not do that to me.  Do not stand close to me.  The student is trying NOT to feel all nice to the Teacher.  The perk was a juicy pair of white, 1950's vintage pants with the Teacher's heavy girlie scent.  G I V E N ...  It was given to student "do do" in kindness.  All the other male students in the classroom are upset, they did not get a pair of the Teacher's white pants.  a n d ...... student "do do" lost them or did he throw them away?  Now for your grade for the week student "do do":  Since you lost the panties and made a huge move to make your Teacher angry when SHE was not angry.  YOU get the grade and label, your new name ______________________________.  Soon everyone in the classroom and the world will see who you are.  You are disrespectful and manipulating. You are full of hard "dong dong".  Your teacher belongs to a secret society of dominating women and all of her dominant lady girlfriends had much to say about student "do do" that tried to label his Teacher Miss Zoe angry and lost the white panties.

are we clear NOW?  whocares with a huge smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tags: fdd female domination
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