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Meeting with secret society of dominant women early this morning

One of the slaves has been begging to have something done to him by us ladies.  All the ladies in the group will make him do hard labor to get what he wants.  We ladies shake our heads and laugh at what a slave begs for.  This slave is out of his mind.  One of the Dom's had a special branding signature designed for all of her slaves.  It's placed in just the right spot for the slave to admire.  Most of all the slave will feel, jump, dance and hold his pants for what he has longed for.  to be continued --- too busy herding all the freak slaves up in the mountains this fine Saturday morning.  sent by iPhone text to blog from high tech Dom's cell phone ..... oh there he goes running off into the woods - what a chicken shit for beggin' to get what he so longed for - guess we ladies will have to hold him down, give it right there "X" in the right spot, what a dumb ass!  All the Doms think this slave has his head pushed up his ding dong, dump hole!  HA HA HA

photo of man running from bees
Tags: fdd female domination
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