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Where is Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond on Monday?

...sent story from a million millionaire's iPad, who for a very long time did research on my lifestyle as a Fem Dom.  The goal to break his bank which will take a very long time to do.  He owns the bank.  LOL.  What gets me off as a Fem Dom?  It's the fantasy, role-play game.  I love taking away the power of powerful men for one hour or dayson end, like this pay piggy "all your money from your big vault".  Many times a male sub takes months even years to get in my face for domination.
I'm close to the beautiful ocean on the 17 mile drive Carmel, California.  I will be back in San Jose today with my male sub tied up in the back of his limo with 2 other Fem Doms.  As I mentioned before, I belong to a secret society of dominate women (number is up to 10 ladies).  Two other female Dominas are with me in a black limo.  The male sub fits in this category, "Are you hoity-toity, pretensions, obstreperous, clamorous, unruly, aggressive noise maker, who is stubbornly resistant to control?"  He says, "Yes Mama."  We can barely hear him, he's tied up in the trunk as our female driver takes us here and there by the ocean.

How did the session start?  I was at the garden store in my summer shorts looking at garden tools.  I noticed a male following me around the yard.  I carry Cheyenne pepper spray in my purse 24/7.  As I walked from the plant section, I lead him to back of the building,  I hide.  When he is near, I jumped out with my iPhone and video my stalker.  I confront him.  He's all trying to say he's sorry.  Yeah right, looking up my thighs, sorry.  I'm thinking to myself .... yeah right Mr. Hoy-tee'toy'tee".  So pathetic to see a big man crying like a baby begging he is sorry.  Now he MUST pay up.  I slowly pulled up my shorts exposing my thigh and hip.  He lost it!  The limo driver pulls up and I shucked his pants off . I set his pants on fire with my mini blow torch.  Cackling ((((((((((((((((( ---  No pants for him )))))))))))))) laughing way big.  When you walk down a corn field, find a fresh piece of corn, tear the husks off, rip OFFA his pants.  That is what I did to a high power bank investor behind the Garden Store.  Now a pant-less nobody with his hard wee wee sticking out, laughing at him.  I scan quick, see dried up plants.  Run and swat his bare bottom till the leaves fall off.  HA HA HA  --- I turned the nobody into a planter box.  to be continued.......

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Adjective: hoity-toity 'hoy-tee'toy-tee

  1. Affectedly genteel
    "The staff found it difficult to deal with the hoity-toity snooty clients";
    - grandiose, hifalutin, highfalutin, highfaluting, la-di-da, lah-di-dah, la-de-da

See also: pretentiousEncyclopedia: Hoity-toity

Tags: female domination
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