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Back in the yoga room, the class

was not sizzling hot yesterday.  I'm in the back working out in the corner away from the summer sun. I took some time off to get one of my books done.  The book is writing itself.  All I have to do is interact with twisted, kinked-OUT fetish freaks in my world.  My sister and I laugh about THEM.  She needs a good laugh, she's married to a big mouth, FAT overbearing, rude idiot that hates me. He's so FAT you can't find his dick.  Serves him right my sister does not want to have sex with diminishing dick.  We laugh laugh laugh over men and their dicks.  Dicks make men dumb!  It's part of the male condition.  I shake my head at how men set themselves up to be mocked by women.  A desperate man for love will do anything for love.  When a female shows the least bit of interest in a desperate man's direction, he's all in LOVE.  Whatever.   My sister knows the half interested female is out to rip off the desperate man.  Wanting men will get their bank accounts ripped off in the name of what THEY think is love.  He has already been ripped off by the heartless female and still went back to her uninterested love.  I will end up listening to his cry baby sobbing story again.  They come to me and cry over their women day in and day out.  Do you think they listen to me?  NO!  So let those men be mocked and abused by heartless women.  Birds of a feather flock together.  He must be heartless too.  Heartless attracts heartless.

I will post the story tomorrow about the drunk and the taxi driver.  Honestly, I can't believe how idiot stupid dumb some men are when the dick rule them.  The smart men admit their dicks make them dumb.

From now on if you want to know who to attract an exceptional love life it will cost you.  I'm not giving out valued information for free anymore.  When I give it out for free it's not appreciated or put into practice. 
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