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San Francisco taxi cab driver ripped off lonely male!

"Miss Zoe, I'm here in San Francisco at a bar.  I'm bored.  I searched for mature women on my cell phone.  I want you, need you bad.  I will get a cab and come down", expressed by Mr. Drunk & Bored.  I explained to the New York male and his drunk dumb dick, how far I was from downtown SF.  He didn't have a clue being from New York, I found out later on.  I spoke with the cab driver telling him to tell Mr. Bored to call me when near the south-bay exit.  I had this feeling Mr. Bored would need a ATM for the taxi bill would be large.  The cab driver was hurting for money.  He did not tell the drunk guy what it would cost him to come down to San Jose from San Francisco.  What did it cost?  A huge $250 dollars.  The cab driver fucked over the bored drunk.  He drops Mr. Bored off and left him.  Finally, Mr. Drunk Bored was in my face with a scrapped knee and $43 crinkled up scrilla.  I could of taken his last $$$ but sent him out the door (no more drunks on the phone for Miss Zoe every again!!!!!).  I sent he out the door! ...... and he wanted to know, IF he could come back, as he headed for the ATM?  I went home and went to bed.  Next day on my VM the drunk bored male called me 30 minutes later.  He did not leave a message.  This is a stupid, very dumb, idiot story.  The drunk guy wanted to get lost, ripped off and look at Miss Zoe for 5 minutes.  LOL.  
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