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Different Minds

There is a certain mind for religion, for porn and for Hollywood.  Northern California has a certain mind for Silicon Valley/Palo Alto.  Google has the most impressive resort of all time for corporate America.  REALLY.  If you ever come to San Jose, California make sure you visit Google-land.  I'm not kidding and I am not joking.  Another mind is Wall Street and it's incur-mentalists.  They analyse everything to the very last drop.  My yoga studio has a certain mind.  I'm in and out of all of these minds on a daily basis.

Lately I've been in contact with electrical engineers.  They have given me valuable market information.  My magic is working!  And if you think woo woo or magic is not real ----- it is real.  Your magic has created the world you live in.  Our hearts and minds create our magic.  You decided what kind of magic, light or dark --- or maybe a little muddy.  HA HA HA


There is the mind for my cell phone and the crazy stupid idiots that call me.  In my contact list, one guy is named "Fuckuuu".  He has been calling me over and over again all week long.  I don't answer the phone when his phone name pops up.  I told my sister about Mr. Fuckuuu and she said back to me, "The reason why women go crazy, it's because the stupidity of men!"  That's an interesting observation about men and women.
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