zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

It's so pathetic

to hear the words of a branded slave how he would hang onto women.  He would keep going till the horse died or he fell off the horse.  How pathetic is that and rude!  Using women for his narcissistic needs.  He loathed his European Nanny but loved her (love hate relationship).  She molded him to serve a dominating Mistress forever.   He wanted to be normal but he was not normal.  He loves his kink more than anything else. He was broken down by the rejection of normal women who smelled his cootie breathe - ha ha ha!  He finally accepted his fate to honor and obey, to surrender and submit to his Mistress and his branded bare bottom.

This is why the described male slave did not get his marital bliss .....
- He called women whores especially the ones who rejected him.
- He did not eat the right vegetables for years now he looks used war map, how sexy is that?  NOT SEXY
- He likes whippings with thorny twigs, soapy enemas more that his so called sex in bed.
- He's addicted to camp fires and women laughing at him with no pants on.
- He has a little dick and his kissing suck.
Tags: fetish diva diamond

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