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Zoe Zane Yahoo "PinkZoeZane" Group

Checked my yahoo email, the pinkzoezane yahoo group is gone.  WHAT THE CRAP ... eeK!!!!!  I noticed Yahoo was doing something different.  Now the group is gone?  OFM.  I did my psych-K blance statement I AM CALM AND SAFE IN ANY SITUATION. I did my best to not panic since the group was part of my brand.  I love Andy Warhol/bright colors on the group page.  One time, I lost the group of 15,000 members to a hacker.  I got it back through a a geek fan.  Group is back up today. I wished, prayed, chanted, did a Magicial dance for Yahoo keep the original mail account.  I use their virus free email ???  Not anymore.  You can still get hacked from whatever country.  LOL.
I just received a special call from my psychic-K mentor.  Today, I did a stock training with IBD and called my two smart daughters in Utah.  I'm "verizon jet pack" and iPad for infinite abundance. SOMETIMES I WALK AWAY FROM ALL MY DEVICES TO A TREE OR CLOUD. It's gettin' around that Zoe Zane can be trusted and a positive force.  All THAT I've worked is expanding greatness in my glorious, diva diamond world. I AM EXPERENCING STABILITY & BALANCE IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!  Psych-K.com brain starment to calm the brain down!

MY diamond is princess-bling thing
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