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Push Though Change - Overcome Fears!

Last night I finished the night out @ investors.com meetup in Santa Clara (was told that Sunnyvale meetup is winners circle).  I'm directed by financial angels to win win.  It's been a long time waiting for this to happen.  When I crashed and burned it was a B I G !!!  It took over 7 years to overcome what happened to me.  At one time I was the boyfriend's ATM machine in San Jose Calif.  LOL and FUCK me royal .... !@#$%^&))))ekk((((!

Read what investors.com said about Tesla Motors TSLA: 
Leaders up in big volume were few, but Tesla Motors (TSLA) rose 1%. It is well extended past a 115 buy point from a rare high-tight flag pattern cleared July 1. The electric car maker is outselling other luxury car rivals such as Porsche, Volvo and Jaguar in California, according to a recent report by the California New Car Dealers Association.   Sound financial advisors are saying Tesla $200 and the company was undervalued.

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