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High end stock:  SSNLF $1238.00 down $12.00 -0.96% Samsung ~~~ OMG WOW LOL

My youngest daughter, now trading Tesla, is out of her cave. I'm so peachy pleased. She decided to attend church again (LDS/Mormon church). She found a church ward for singles from 31-45 years of age. She had to fill out a questionnaire and pass the ward's requirements. LDS Church wards are given names and have a meeting house with city boundaries. You must drive a car and have a job to attend this ward. LOL. I guess the Bishop doesn't want to baby sit single's after church ... smiling. Nor does he want singles on church welfare. The single's in this ward must be responsible, doing something with their lives. Not living off their parent's shirt tails. When my baby daughter drove to the church location there was over 600 hundred cars and no place to park. My stripper daughter and I laughed over her story. I've never heard of a LDS Church ward require that you have a job and car for attendance.  It's usually, you keep the Lord's commandments, don't smoke or drink, attend church regularly. AND, no sex before temple marriage.  Call it: "Ward 600 HAS No Park Space" in Salt Lake City.
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