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Whocares about Friday the 13Th

With all that's going on in the world, I'm looking for good in my life.  B E C A U S E .... it's there baby!  7 years ago it was negative around me, I did not live with the one I loved.  What he did was not love.  I look back and see I could of made it on my own.  Actually, I could of made it on my own 15 years ago before I left Las Vegas to work in San Jose, California.  I would of had much more abundance.

So today, I will embrace the evil crap of Friday the 13Th with arms open wide. It's a bit not understood and silly of me to say this, "I am evil bored with many things. HA HA HA ..... since I have experienced many wild kinky things in my life. Some of my kink-sters are out there doing something different and missed. Just let them do their thang, be patient. One thing for sure --- I will always love getting nailed by a great tool F O R E V E R!

Here is a school teacher story by Student 72:

Stolen Tap Panties and Punishment
Part One

Student 72, I'm REALLY in a lot hot trouble.  Miss Zoe`s lady friend described her new tap panties that were stolen, and I happened to be wearing them when Miss Zoe made me pull my school pants down in front of the entire class. THEN, I was switch-swatched raising red whelps on my bare bottom almost to tears.

Miss Zoe told me to go to her lady friend's house after school for more punishment by her thick-legged friend Agnes. When I showed up, I was still wearing my school uniform and Miss Zoe's lady friend's tap panties. They felt so good on my tiny balls and weenier.  Miss Zoe's thick-legged lady friend, Miss Agnes answered the door wearing white short shorts, terry cloth robe, matching slippers that covered the front of her feet. She grabbed me by my ear and yanked me in saying "Who do you think you are, stealing my new tap panties.....I have a good mind to call your Mama and have her deal with you!

I began to beg Agnes not to call my Mama, she smiled grinning, pinching my bottom near my balls.  I jumped and Miss Zoe with lady friends sang a happy song, dancing all around me.  I was in the middle of several dancing ladies with my pants offa.  I was humiliated to a stiff boner but embarrassed that I was a sissy boy in front of this one lady I had a crush on. That lady wouldn't have anything to do with a sissy boy who wears panties and has coo-dies. Truth be know, Student 72 would learn not to take things that don't belong to him.  And Agnes started chanting that Student 72 has coo-dies. Then all the ladies joined in saying Student 72 has coo-dies and a sissy boy who like to sniff and wear girlie tap panties.  HA HA HA

Agnes told me to take offa my clothes. I was scared of her, i instantly started stripping. When I got down to her tap panties, she told me to leave them on so the ladies could laugh at me. I started crying, not knowing what was to come. Miss Zoe entered the room.

Miss Agnes answered and greeted Miss Zoe who was dressed more casual now in leg flared shorts and sneakers with white socks. I hoped she would take them both off so I could see her SEXY TEACHER FEET.  Both ladies stood and laughed and pointed at the panties I was wearing. Miss Zoe said the other ladies would be there soon, and kicked off her sneakers, but her feet were still covered with socks.

Not being able to see any BARE FEET, I remained limp in the tap panties and ALL knew it, laughed and teased me about that too. I was crying my eyes out by now from their cruel jokes about me being a foot fetish, jerk offa fool, coo-die panty thief .....and having a tiny penis that would never satisfy a woman.  I heard their words that a male with coo-dies and tiny penis would be loved ONLY by ladies who knew who to sadistically rule over him.  Normal women would find him disgusting finding any excuse to not be with him.  If a normal women knew he had coo-dies forget THAT kinda relationship with Mr. coo-die Small.  Normal women can smell males who have coo-dies.

Miss Agnes said I might as well keep the panties now since she knew I had ejaculating in them. Miss Zoe decided while they waited on the other ladies and my crush, Loren, they would start to punish me. Miss Agnes marched me out to a big orange tree, I cut off several branches.  She told me to get on my knees and elbows at Miss Zoe's feet.

When I obeyed, I could smell Miss Zoe's gym socks and started to get semi hard in the silky tap panties. Miss Agnes said, "I am going to give you 10 swings ... for now....... After each one you count and say you like to steal and wear ladies' panties! Do you understand, coo-die Small?"   "YES, Miss Ages", said s72.

I heard the raise and whoosh through the air and then "WHACK!" ". I said, "I like to steal and wear ladies' panties." WHACK2, I like to steal and wear ladies' panties. By the fifth smack was shaking at Miss Zoe's covered feet and could barely talk, crying.  I tried to smoother my squealing.

Miss Agnes, grinning at me, "Do you want me to start over, Mr. coo-die Small?" i squealed my answer "NOOOOO.....Pleeeease, Miss Agnes.....WACK5 .... and I said, I like to steal and wear ladies' panties. I barely made it to WACK10.  I sure didn't want her to start over!  Agnes hits VERY HARD!

I was trembling on the floor, crying like a little girl. Miss Zoe yanked me up by my ear and lead me to the corner and told me to put my hands on my head. When I obeyed, she yanked the panties down to my knees, took a fresh orange branch.  She gave me 5 more wac-ks on my bare bottom!

Miss Zoe said "That will be a nice display of a shiny, red whelped bottom for Loren and the ladies to see when they arrive.  s72 will be so embarrassed to have Loren see him like that! It's what he deserves for stealing your Anges' panties."

I soon could smell coffee brewing as they laughed about and made jokes about my sore bottom.  The ladies made plans of what they were going to do to me when the other ladies arrived. I was SO HUMILIATED, but not as bad as I was going to be when my biggest crush...the BEAUTIFUL ...... LOREN with her best friend, Val*ntina arrived.

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