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Adult Baby Play with Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane

Hello my names is Baby C and I have the need for adult baby play. As an adult baby I love to play the ? age, able to walk and talk but can't control his ?, that loves thick diaperes and bottle/baby food feddings. I love my mommie to play with me in her nursery.  I am sucking my tumb right now.

I need nap time with Mommie.  What is a good time for you and I to take a nap together, Baby C?
of course ..... Mommie likes her baby talk with Baby C
..... goo goo gaga ..... this little pinky went to market.....  cutzzzzzie baby talk
zoe zane aka fetish diva diamond *:O) clown
Warmly, waves of love, sizzling big smiles!
Do u change wet diapers, Baby C?
I do adultbaby play for adult babys, no crib in domestic Mommie room setting.
I do have baby things, bottle, blankets, bib.
My sweet baby
You must bring your own baby food.
Such a cutie and Mommie loves her ? year old
Hi baby C
*:-h wave
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