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Joking: My real mother is Marilyn Monroe HA!

Marilyn Monroe and Zoe Zane are embedded forever

I've been watching drama movies (Nikita Mikhalkov, winning Oscar Best Foreign Language Film "Burnt by the Sun"  67th Academy Awards 1995/Makhalkov brothers). In my yoga class, I've been adopted by Russian blonds.  I was invited to a small house party and we watched the movie together.  I love George Clooney and his big smile. I'm a huge Brad Pitt and Clint Eastwood fan. Comedies, like Birdcage with Robin Williams make me laugh. My sister visited, she loves westerns, we watched The Wild Bunch together. The Misfits with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable and ..... Some Like it Hot, my all time favorite. I love Miss Monroe (crazy about the one piece white swimsuit photo). Oh and ....... Breakfast at Tiffany's with lovely Audrey Hepburn with my stripper daughter that visited me last weekend in San Jose, Ca.
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