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I would be a liar

if I told everyone that doing porn is a piece of cake.  In the RB Chatroom, I finally told everyone what happened to me in the last porn film I made.  The guy was right out of prison full of his macho meat grinding to prove he could be a male porn star.  NO!  I wish I had the balls to walk off the studio set and tell them to fucking keep their damn money.  It was like he was pounding me like no tomorrow.  It was very hard to not get split in half.  I tore the condemn off to get a break. This is not good porn by a big shot.  One of the well know male RB chatters told everyone, I was a vet when it comes to the porn business.  Next time this happens I will blast it out how some stupid macho fucker almost ? Zoe Zane on twitter.  That will fry their porn business and who cares.  They deserve to get it back in their face.
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